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Mold Mitigation Job in Fort Lauderdale, FL: Protecting the Health of Your Home

Mold Mitigation Job in Fort Lauderdale, FL: Protecting the Health of Your Home

In Fort Lauderdale's humid weather, a fancy seaside house on South Birch Road was in danger of something that couldn't be seen. Mold, which grows best in damp places, had sneakily taken hold behind a bathroom wall, putting the people living there and their home's structure at risk. The homeowners called FDP Mold Remediation of Fort Lauderdale because they knew how bad the situation was and needed help from professionals.

Mold Remediation Process at South Birch Road in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Our meticulous mold remediation process begins with a thorough inspection and encompasses a full spectrum of steps designed to not only remove existing mold but also prevent its recurrence. Here's an inside look at how our team of mold removal experts in Fort Lauderdale at FDP Mold Remediation tackles mold challenges, from the initial detection to the final air quality assurance, ensuring your home remains a safe haven for you and your family.

First Check for Mold

Our skilled mold tester looked over the property carefully. He used the most up-to-date tools and had a lot of experience finding mold. This was done after mold was found in the bathroom and the whole house was checked out. With his knowledge and high-tech tools, the tester found the source of the mold in the bathroom wall and found other places where moisture was a problem.

Full Process for Getting Rid of Mold

Right away, our team made and followed a detailed mold removal plan for South Birch Road in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 that included a few important steps to make sure the mold was completely gone and wouldn't come back:

  1. Antimicrobial Wipe Downs: To start, we got rid of the surface mold by carefully cleaning the affected areas with a strong but safe and non-toxic solution.
  2. Antimicrobial Fogging: To get rid of mold that was hiding in hard-to-reach places and floating spores, we used a thorough fogging process that made sure no space was missed.
  3. How to use the EQ Air Scrubber 500cfm: This high-tech air scrubber with a HEPA filter was an important part of our process because it got rid of mold spores in the air, keeping our team and the homes safe.
  4. Innovative Air Moisture Removal: To get rid of the moisture in the air that was causing mold to grow, we used a cutting-edge LGR dehumidifier. This technology not only fixed the problem with the wetness right away, but it also helped stop mold from growing in the future.
  5. Final Air Quality Testing: As the last step in our cleanup, we did thorough tests of the room air quality. An outside lab looked at samples to make sure the home's surroundings were safe and to give us a fair opinion on how well we removed the mold.

Thoughts from a Mold Professional

"As the project mold expert for this mold removal in Fort Lauderdale, I was able to talk to the homeowners personally, address their concerns, and go over our process in great depth. The homeowners were relieved that their moldy home was turned back into a clean, healthy living place, and our team was proud of what we had done", - mold expert Leo.

Additional Services and Safety Measures

In addition to getting rid of the mold, we gave the clients advice on how to keep it from happening again. Among these tips were:

  • Regular home inspections are important, especially in places that tend to get wet, like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Better ventilation means adding vents or exhaust fans to move air around and lower humidity.
  • Ongoing Dehumidification: suggesting the use of dehumidifiers and changes to lifestyle, like taking shorter showers and drying wet areas right away.

Making Your Home Healthy for a Long Time with FDP Mold Remediation

At FDP Mold Remediation, our dedication goes beyond the end of the job. We keep helping our clients keep their homes mold-free by giving them advice and doing follow-up checks to make sure our solutions last.

The goal of FDP Mold Remediation is to help people in Fort Lauderdale keep their homes healthy. If you think mold is growing in your home, our mold remediation professionals are ready to do a full inspection, come up with a custom treatment plan, and work hard to carry it out. Call FDP Mold Remediation right away for a healthy home that is free of mold - 754-225-9399. We can help you get rid of mold in your home. Our knowledge will help you at every step.

Great Reputation!Customer service and fair price
Based on 11 verified reviews on google

Project Details:

South Birch Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Sep 19, 2023
Sep 22, 2023
Tod W. (TJ)
Miami, FL
Water Damage Restoration

Project Outline:

Mold within ceilings, and in the A/C system in the kitchen and the living room. The project involved:

  • Mold Remediation - Visual inspection on-site.
  • Mold Remediation - PPE.
  • Mold Remediation - Containment and negative pressure - Kitchen and Living Room.
  • Mold Restoration - Drywall removal: Ceilings drywall removal.
  • Mold Restoration - Drywall removal: Remove the infected ceiling in the Kitchen and Living Room.
  • Mold Treatment - Anti-microbial wipe down of ceilings, and in the A/C system
  • Mold Treatment - Antimicrobial fogging
  • Mold Treatment - EQ air scrubber HEPA 500cfm - 2 air scrubbers for 3 days with Hepa filter.
  • Mold Treatment - EQ LGR dehumidifier - 2 LGR dehumidifier in the contained area for three days.
  • Mold Restoration - Trash disposal.
  • Mold Inspection and Testing - Clearance test.
Tod W. (TJ) - Mold Remediation Specialist
Tod W. (TJ)
General Manager in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Adjacent counties
Mold Remediation Specialist
Mold Remediator MRSR 4214
Mold Assessor MRSA 4092
Great Reputation!Customer service and fair price
Based on 11 verified reviews on google
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