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FDP Mold Remediation of Fort Lauderdale
FDP Mold Remediation of Fort Lauderdale
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Mold Remediation in Fort Lauderdale FL

Everyone fears and hates mold, especially if you consider the damaging effects it has on health and buildings as well. So much information has already been released to explain the effects of mold in our lives, and the one thing that is so obvious is that mold is undeniably dangerous.

That's why it would make sense for property owners in Fort Lauderdale to consider hiring professionals for mold remediation services. You should understand by now that the wrong mold mitigation process has detrimental effects, and will only lead to more damage in the end.

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When I found mold in our basement a week ago, I was worried about who I could find to take care of it. Luckily, I called FDP Mold Remediation of Fort Lauderdale, and they handled everything. Thanks Greg! You're the best!
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Our Mold Removal Process Is Effective

At FDP Mold Remediation of Fort Lauderdale, the mold abatement process we use is as important as the end result. We use a clear and effective mold remediation process that involves the following steps:

  1. Antimicrobial application
  2. Inspection and assessment
  3. Moisture detection
  4. Sealing off the affected areas
  5. HEPA Filtration
  6. Mold removal and cleanup of affected items
  7. Restoration

Each of the above-listed steps is vital to the success of the remediation process, considering that mold grows back so easily if the removal is not done right.

We are so careful when eliminating mold to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your home. As such, we use heavy plastic and duct tape to seal off the affected areas. We also use HEPA filtration to eliminate spores from the air, hence lowering the probability of mold spreading to other areas of your Fort Lauderdale property.

How Mold Grows and Spreads in Your Building

One thing you need to know about mold is that it exists in almost any environment, whether indoors or outdoors, though at low levels. The problem arises when these levels go higher than what is considered normal.

The growth of mold in your home or office is encouraged by the following factors:

  • Stagnant air due to improper ventilation
  • High humidity levels
  • Moderate temperature
  • Organic food source

If the right conditions are available, mold will then grow and start spreading to other areas through spores. As long as the spores land on the right surface, they will grow and become mold, and the cycle continues. But the good thing is that we can help you get rid of mold no matter the situation.

Who handles the remediation process

There are so many mold remediation "professionals" all across Broward County, and these are the ones that deliver shoddy results. The mold removal specialists at our company are, on the other hand, specially trained and highly experienced when it comes to mold removal projects. We only hire employees who are IICRC-certified to ensure that our customers get quality services.

Our technicians are also friendly and will assist you in any way they can to ensure that you feel satisfied. Other than handling mold removal services, we also offer mold inspection services in Fort Lauderdale, for the property owners who suspect that mold might be growing undetected in their home or office.

Why Consider Hiring Us?

With so many mold remediation options available these days, you might be wondering why the best option is to hire FDP Mold Remediation of Fort Lauderdale. Well, there are so many reasons, but we will focus on what makes us unique:

We respond quickly

Any mold case is an emergency case to us, considering that the mold is growing and spreading every hour. As such, we are guarantee quick responses once you get in touch with us, to save your Fort Lauderdale building from more damage. To us, every minute counts.

We use advanced equipment and methods

It would make no sense to respond quickly and then use the wrong technique and equipment that doesn't deliver the right results. As such, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every mold remediation case is effectively handled. We also use the best mold remediation methods for high-quality results.

Our specialists are highly trained

As mentioned above, there are so many "professionals" in Broward County who claim to offer the best mold abatement services, only to disappoint customers. Well, ours is a totally different case. With highly trained and experienced mold removal specialists, you should expect nothing but high-quality results.

Get a Solution Today

We hate mold just like you do, and would do anything to eliminate it permanently from your life. But since that's not possible, we can only help you reduce and control mold so that it does not become a bother in your Fort Lauderdale home or office. We are confident that we can handle any case, with maximum effectiveness for high-quality results.

We also do our best to ensure that we provide cost-effective services, even though the remediation cost varies depending on the situation. All you need to do is get in touch with us so that we can inspect the affected areas and give you a conclusive quote of what you should expect to pay.

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