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Mold Remediation in Elizabeth NJ

Mold remediation is a very big headache for most homeowners. It's not that they mind the mold remediation work, but their efforts are never effective, and the results are hardly permanent. Spending all day scrubbing the floors and walls only to have the mold come back in a week can send you screaming down the street. However, this doesn't need to happen at all. Most people tend to take mold problem lightly, which can diminish mold removal efforts. Rather than going the DIY route, it's recommended to hire a professional for mold remediation in Elizabeth.

FDP Mold Remediation is a well-known company that provides mold remediation services in Elizabeth, NJ. For all your mold problems, the professionals in this company can formulate a solution for you. As mentioned above, mold is a very serious problem. Let's discuss the various mold infestation levels, to help you determine the severity of the situation you're facing.

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Level 1 - Minimal Infestation

This level of mold infestation covers a small isolated area in your home; an area of 10sq ft or less. The mold infections are minimal and are mostly found on the walls and ceilings. It's a level that is generally considered not serious, and with the right equipment, supplies, and skills, a homeowner can eliminate it. You just need to ensure that the area is contained and protective gear is used. However, if you're not comfortable with doing the job, FDP Mold Remediation can do it for you.

Level 2 - Moderate Infestation

This level affects a mid-sized area, between 10 and 30 sq ft. This can be whole wallboard or a mid-sized area of your floor. It may be brought by a plumbing problem or appliance failure (such as a laundry machine). The defensive measures used in level 1 can also be used in level 2. If you find that the work is too much for you, hire a mold remediation company in Elizabeth to take care of the problem.

Level 3 - Large Infestation

Level 3 mold infestation covers a large isolated area of about 30- 100 square feet. This is a large problem, and it should be handled early enough to prevent mold-related health issues. Also, level 3 mold remediation should not be DIY. Hire a mold remediation company to handle the problem for you. This is a potentially large project and not handling it properly can lead to mold coming back in a short while. Professionals have the skills and knowledge required to successfully eliminate the mold without any chances of it coming back.

Level 4 - Extensive Infestation

This level covers a large mold infestation, occupying an area of more than 100sq ft. Level 4 mold may happen as a result of a massive flood, and the mold has spread in different parts of your home. Maybe the mold is in your basement, living room, attics, crawlspaces and has affected your furniture and carpet. Just like level 3 mold, level 4 is not a project that you can do it yourself. Hiring a professional is recommended.

Level 5 - Affects the HVAC System

This covers a mold infection that has affected your HVAC and air conditioning systems. Mold remediation in these systems is best left to professionals. They know how to use the right precautionary measures such as shutting down the system and removing the mold growth. One thing you need to know is that if your HVAC system is affected, your family may experience respiratory issues due to bad indoor air quality. Therefore, if your loved ones are constantly experiencing allergies, hire an Elizabeth mold testing service to determine if your HVAC system is affected.

Hopefully, you have now understood the different levels of mold infestation in homes. Should you have a mold problem, contact FDP Mold Remediation for mold inspection in Elizabeth and mold remediation services - 908-345-2582.

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