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Our Latest Mold Remediation Success Story in Newark, NJ

Mold problems happen all too often in Newark, New Jersey, a busy city where city life meets industrial settings. At FDP Mold Remediation, we're proud of the 20 years we've spent fighting mold and making homes and businesses safe again. Our most recent job on Central Avenue in Newark, NJ, shows how dedicated we are to doing great mold removal work. This article will explain the complicated parts of this difficult project, including what caused the mold to grow, how we worked to get rid of it completely, and the amazing results we got.

The Cause of Mold Growth

Before we get into the specifics of our project to get rid of mold on Central Avenue in Newark, NJ, it's important to know why mold grows in the first place. Mold germs can be found inside and outside. For them to do well, they need three things: water, food, and the right weather. Most of the time, mold grows because of too much wetness.

Moisture intrusion is a regular problem in cities like Newark, where buildings are close together, and humidity levels can change. Some of the things that can make a home a great place for mold to grow are leaky roofs, water issues, and not enough airflow. The first step in getting rid of mold effectively is to figure out what caused it.

Project Work Summary

For complete mold removal and remediation, we took a few important steps in this job.

Visual Inspection On-Site

Before we started our trip on Central Avenue in Newark, NJ, we took a close look at the property. Our certified mold remediation experts carefully looked over the affected areas to see how bad the mold problem was and to find any possible sources of wetness. This first step is very important for making a personalized plan for fixing the problem.

Containment and Negative Pressure

Containment is an important part of getting rid of mold. We used a strong containment approach to stop mold spores from spreading to areas that weren't affected. We put 6-mil plastic sheeting around the affected areas to keep mold spores inside and made negative air pressure zones to keep them there.

Mold Remediation - Drywall Removal

Getting rid of contaminated materials is the most important part of any mold remediation job. In this case, a lot of plywood had to be taken down to get rid of the moldy surfaces. Our skilled workers carefully took down the damaged wallpaper, making sure that no spores got into the air.

Mold Treatment - Encapsulation Service

After getting rid of the mold, our experts used a sealing service on the structures that were left. Specialized adhesives are used in this process to not only get rid of any mold that is still there but also stop it from growing again.

Anti-Microbial Fogging

We used anti-microbial spraying to make sure that all mold spores were gone. This method spreads a fine mist of anti-microbials over the affected area, killing any mold that is still there and adding an extra layer of protection.

Trash Disposal

Getting rid of mold-contaminated items in the right way is an important part of mold remediation. We followed all environmental rules and safety and threw away the drywall that was taken down and any other contaminated materials that were on the site.

EQ Air Scrubber HEPA 500CFM - For 3 Days

We used an EQ air cleaner with a HEPA filter that could handle 500 cubic feet of air per minute to make sure the air quality in the area that had been cleaned up met the highest standards. This air scrubber worked nonstop for three days, getting rid of all the mold spores and pollutants that were still in the air.

The Transformative Results

After our thorough mold removal process was over, the property on Central Avenue in Newark, NJ, went through a wonderful change. The mold that was growing in the dark parts of the house was completely wiped out. The air was now clean, and everyone could stay where they were.

We were happy to have helped our clients feel better about things, and they were thrilled with the results. Thanks to our sealing service, the property was not only free of mold, but it was also safer from getting mold in the future.

Unlock a Mold-Free Future with FDP Mold Remediation of Newark

The mold remediation job on Central Avenue in Newark, NJ, shows how dedicated we are to doing great work in mold mitigation. We're proud to have worked in this field for 20 years, and we're always committed to giving you the best services. Our team of certified mold removal experts in Newark makes sure that every job is done with the greatest care and professionalism.

Figuring out why mold grows is very important to our progress because it lets us deal with the real problems. From a visual inspection to a final air scrub, our all-around method makes sure that no mold is missed in the fight against it.

That's right, FDP Mold Remediation of Newark is the only company you need to remove mold in Newark. Our history of success speaks for itself, and we're always ready to take on new tasks. Don't let mold ruin your home or place of business; call us today to get rid of mold for good.

Remember that mold can be a stubborn and harmful intruder, but if you hire the right professionals, you can get back control of your home and enjoy a healthier environment for years to come.

Great Reputation!Customer service and fair price
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Project Details:

Central Ave, Newark, NJ 07103
Oct 27, 2023
Oct 31, 2023
Avraham S.
New Jersey
Water Damage Restoration

Project Outline:

Visible mold by windows, stairs, and hallway. Project included:

  • Visual inspection on-site
  • Containment and negative pressure - 6 mill plastic sheeting
  • Mold remediation - Drywall removal
  • Mold treatment - encapsulation service
  • Anti-microbial fogging
  • Trash disposal
  • EQ air scrubber HEPA 500cfm - for 3 days
Avraham S. - Mold Remediation Specialist
Avraham S.
General Manager in New Jersey & New York
Complete Mold Inspection and Remediation Service
Mold Assessor # 23-6TOFA-SHMO
Mold Remediator # 23-6TOF3-SHMO
Great Reputation!Customer service and fair price
Based on 25 verified reviews on google
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