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What Causes Mold?

Mold spores are like tiny seeds, floating through the air until they land somewhere. Think about planting seeds in the ground. If the conditions are right, with moisture and nutrients, then the seed will sprout and grow. Mold works the same way, so if the place the spores land is good and moist, mold can start to grow, spread, and make more mold spores. All it needs is time, and you can have a big problem on your hands.

The Right Conditions for Mold Growth

Mold needs three things to grow:

  • Right Temperature:
    Mold grows well in temperatures between 40° and 100°. Indoor temperatures fall within this range. This isn't a condition you can change to prevent indoor mold growth.
  • Food:
    Mold feasts on all kinds of natural materials. Most building materials contain nutrients that would support mold, whether it's wood or dry wall or even the couch cushions.
  • Water:
    This is the critical element. Add water indoors, where it doesn't belong, and suddenly you can have mold growing. Water can be actual water soaking into building materials, it can be condensation on windows, or it can even be high indoor humidity levels - over 60% relative humidity and mold can start to grow.

Time Matters Too

There is a 4th thing that is required for mold to grow, and that is time. Let's say a pipe leaks and the wall is wet. As long as the water is cleaned up and the materials dried within 24-48 hours, you have a pretty good chance of preventing indoor mold growth.

Indoor humidity levels can also increase temporarily without risking mold growth. This is like after showering, or cooking. That's why the oven hood and the exhaust fan in the bathroom exist, to help get the increased humidity out of your home before it can cause harm.

Water Damage and Mold

Mold often follows after water damage if the area affected was not dried quickly enough. If you have had water damage in the past, it can be well worth your while to get your property checked for mold. If you have any questions or concerns, you can consult with one of our mold experts and hire our team for professional mold remediation in your home or office. Call us today at 877-421-2614.


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Mold Remediation Specialist
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