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Basement Mold Mitigation Case Study in Edison, NJ

Basement Mold Mitigation Case Study in Edison, NJ

Owning a home is a journey full of ups and downs. One common issue that keeps many homeowners up at night is mold. It's a problem many in New Jersey know well. While it's important not to panic, it's also crucial to understand that mold can quietly damage your home's structure and pose serious health risks.

Imagine this: On a normal workday, when you're also in a hurry to get somewhere, you discover a dark stain of mold on your basement wall. Instead of running for a rag and trying to remove it with your own hands, it's wise to call in professionals like FDP Mold Remediation. They know how to handle the problem safely and effectively.

Why is mold specifically in your basement?

Mold finds its refuge in the dark corners of your home, where there is rarely fresh air and constant humidity. And mold doesn't need much. Just 48 hours, and it's already grown. Places like Edison, NJ, are a paradise for mold that thrives on walls without any control, not only because of the climate in the home but also because of the climate in that region of the United States.

Invisible invaders in the basement

Most often found in basements, a mold of the Stachybotrys species, the infamous black mold, releases its toxins and poisons everything around it, posing an invisible threat to the health of the family and the home.

The Silent Plight of the Basement

Basements, those forgotten chambers of our homes, often lie neglected, their air stagnant and heavy. Here, mold embarks on its silent conquest, creeping along unseen, a ghostly presence gnawing at the bones of our homes and lurking in the air we breathe, a hidden peril in our midst.

Project Overview

A homeowner at Alfred Street, Edison, NJ 08820, contacted FDP Mold Remediation of Edison because they were concerned about mold in their basement. They had noticed signs of mold growth in this area of their home. After our team carried out a detailed inspection on-site, they concluded that quick action was essential to halt further damage and address the mold issue effectively.

From the beginning, our goal was to complete mold remediation permanently and irrevocably. Every home has its own nuances, and each individual situation deserves separate attention. That's why we want to document everything in our cases so that next time, and next house, it will be easier and faster. Better yet, prevent mold next time.

Mold Mitigation Process at Alfred Street, Edison, NJ 08820

Assessing the situation for mold growth

Our journey into a new basement and a new story began in NJ 08820 - Alfred Street, Edison. We took the plunge, thoroughly investigating every corner of the house for a multitude of mold species. Our discovery exceeded our expectations - huge black mold under the basement walls that had successfully already made its way further into the home.

Creating a safe area to work in

We built a barrier in which we could safely work to keep the mold from spreading further into the house. This was our defense, preventing the insidious spores from setting up a surprise in other parts of the house.

Mold remediation was the main process we went there for

All the furniture that was in the basement was no longer just furniture - it was a favorite habitat for mold.

Dehumidification is a must

Next into the job came the dehumidifiers, our constant helpers in this damp basement (and not just this one. Any basement). They work loudly, promising to suck the life out of mold. They are our dementors, as in Harry Potter. As they worked, the air became lighter and cleaner. But let's not forget. We have masks!

Deep cleaning

Cleaning is a holiday spa day for the basement. We're sure he wasn't expecting it. We cleaned every inch of it, paying special attention to the air ducts - also mold loves these areas.

Final Inspection

With the job complete, we looked around the basement one more time, measuring for moisture. All the places the mold had called home were now clean. The house was once again not just a building but a real house without mold. It was as if we had given the house new life!

What Can You Do To Prevent Mold in a Basement?

  • Regular Inspections: Frequently check for signs of moisture or mold.
  • Dehumidifiers: Use dehumidifiers to maintain low humidity levels.
  • Proper Ventilation: Ensure adequate air circulation to deter mold growth.
  • Prompt Repairs: Fix leaks and water damage immediately to prevent mold.

Mold Mitigation Services In Edison, NJ

If you are facing similar basement mold problems or suspect there may be mold, FDP Mold Remediation of Edison is ready to come to the rescue today!

Our team of mold mitigation experts in Edison uses brand-new methods and tools to address mold-related problems effectively (we keep up with trends in the mold world). Contact us to protect your home and the health of your loved ones!

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Project Details:

Alfred Street, Edison, NJ 08820
Oct 08, 2023
Oct 11, 2023
Avraham S.
New Jersey
Water Damage Restoration

Project Outline:

Basement have very massive damage in the walls and ceiling. This project involved:

  • Mold Remediation - Visual inspection on-site.
  • Mold Remediation - PPE.
  • Mold Remediation - Containment and negative pressure for the basement.
  • Mold Remediation - Drywall removal in the whole areas that got affected by mold in the basement.
  • Mold Remediation - Ceiling removal in the whole basement.
  • Mold Removal - Scraping, scrubbing, cleaning, sanding and painting in the basement.
  • Mold Treatment - Antimicrobial fogging
  • Mold Treatment - 4 EQ air scrubber HEPA 500cfm for 3 days with Hepa filter.
  • Mold Treatment - EQ LGR dehumidifier - 3 days.
  • Mold Restoration - Final cleaning.
  • Mold Restoration - Trash disposal
Avraham S. - Mold Remediation Specialist
Avraham S.
General Manager in New Jersey & New York
Complete Mold Inspection and Remediation Service
Mold Assessor # 23-6TOFA-SHMO
Mold Remediator # 23-6TOF3-SHMO
Great Reputation!Customer service and fair price
Based on 29 verified reviews on google
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