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We tend to think of mold as something that usually grows in your refrigerator or on food like bread that is left out for too many humid days. But there is a different type of mold that can often go unseen and presents a greater potential danger than anything that grows in your refrigerator. The area of Silver Spring is one of the best places to live in Maryland, but this does not make the community immune from the dangers of mold growth in your home. Read further to learn about how FDP Mold Remediation of Silver Spring services can start the process of effectively dealing with your Silver Spring mold remediation problem.

Complete Mold Remediation in Silver Spring, MD

What is mold remediation? It is not just a fancy name for mold removal. It is The process used by professional companies that not only removes the mold from its source but also removes The spores that remain in the air that can cause the mold to return only weeks after mold removal is performed. It is complete removal of the mold from the property. The final step in the mold remediation process is to restore your home and any affected contents to a mold-free state. To have this process completed in your home you need to contact a professional mold remediation company such as FDP Mold Remediation of Silver Spring who has the experience and knowledge to stop the growth, repair the damage, and return your life to normal.

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How Mold Affects Your Health

According to The Center for Disease Control (commonly known as The CDC), research was performed by the Institute of Medicine that showed connecting evidence to the presence of mold could be linked to some respiratory ailments, including asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This evidence included adverse effects in both adults and children who were otherwise normally healthy.

To put their conclusions in layperson's terms, perfectly healthy people can start to have temporary or long-term respiratory problems when exposed to mold, and people with asthma or other respiratory problems can have severe reactions when exposed to mold. Children are also exposed to the risk of these same health problems. But they are not talking about the mold found on food but the mold that can grow on the walls and in the basement of your home.

What are The Causes for Mold Growth?

The primary cause of mold growth in the home is from water damage. Water damage can come from either outside of the home, such as in the case of flooding, or inside the home, where there is a leaky plumbing pipe or a roof that is leaking and goes unnoticed. Homeowners may see a spot of water on the wall and think that because it is small, it is not a big problem. The truth is that what is going on unseen behind the wall is where the potential danger lies. You may hear about mold remediation in the past, but you should know exactly what it is.

Mold Is the Price of Modern Comfort

The problem of mold is often the price we pay to live in comfort. The indoor conditions in residential and public buildings that are most comfortable to us are significantly different from those in the outdoor environment.

And these same conditions are also ideal for mold to thrive in:

  • The constantly maintained temperature of 65-77 °F in our homes is also the ideal temperature for mold growth.
  • Commonly found materials in our homes like wallpaper, plastic, paper, fabrics, carpets, leather, and wood paneling are all suitable substrates for the growth of microscopic mold.
  • Hermetically sealed windows create a vacuum, which increases the indoor humidity levels and thereby increasing the chance of mold.

Using an air conditioner or dehumidifier is not guarantee that you will never have the need to schedule professional mold removal services. If their filters are not cleaned and regularly changed, mold can start growing there. If this happens, the airborne mold spores will be forcibly spread throughout your property.

And if you already have a mold problem on your property, the only solution to this is the complete professional mold removal and remediation by a trusted team in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Acting Quickly is Essential

Seeing the problem of mold in your home is not seeing the whole problem. Mold grows and spreads through airborne spores, so every time the air around the mold is disturbed, it provides a channel to spread elsewhere in the home. The air in your home is circulated simply through people walking around the home, to air ducts and circulating fans that are taken for granted as a normal part of daily living. The longer you wait to deal with the mold problem, the greater the chances the mold will spread to other areas of your home. When you need mold remediation in Silver Spring, you need to get your situation evaluated by a business that specializes in this area. FDP Mold Remediation of Silver Spring is one such local business.

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