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FDP Mold Remediation of Glen Burnie
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Mold Remediation in Glen Burnie

Mold has had a lot of attention over the past years. However, it is a pressing issue for most homes. Many people are sensitive to mold spores which get released to the air. They may cause coughing, wheezing eye, nasal and skin irritation.

There are two essential things about mold; prevent it by doing things right and when your home has mold, take care of it on time.

FDP Mold Remediation of Glen Burnie is dedicated to fixing all the mold problems and also in finding the cause. We offer the best services, and each customer is treated professionally. We remediate the problem in a quick and timely manner.

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We pursue the following steps during the remediation process:

1. Learn about mold

FDP Mold Remediation of Glen Burnie is aware that assessing the growth of mold is more than just seeing physically at a corner or wall. You should know what a black mold is. Black mold is an invisible intruder that grows around and behind what you see visually. You should understand what cause mold and how long does it take mold to grow. The main cause of mold is either moisture or water. Mold grows everywhere, and they reproduce using spores. Our company helps you eradicate mold from affecting health.

2. Documentation

FDP Mold Remediation of Glen Burnie documents the place by taking videos, photos, and writing before starting the mold remediation. The mold removal company will use your documentation to develop a mold remediation plan. It also includes the answer to a question like a schedule.

3. Understand the extent of mold contamination to seek Glen Burnie mold testing services

Mold does not grow in one place. You need to know the extent of mold contamination. Calculation of mold extent will have a significant impact on your strategy of mold removal. The objective of mold remediation is getting rid of mold in a house and avoids future occurrences. A mold inspection in Glen Burnie is vital before actual remediation. FDP Mold Remediation of Glen Burnie has guidelines on how to get rid of mold within policies used in the construction industry. In this step, you can discuss the cost of mold mitigation.

4. Cleaning up process

Remediation involves removing the entire existing mold as well as avoiding exposure to oneself and other Glen Burnie Homeowners. Remediation also prevents the growth of new mold by reducing the amount of airborne mold indoors.

The following steps are vital for proper remediation:

  • Repairing the water problem - For mold remediation to be successful, the source of the moisture must be addressed.
  • Isolating contaminated area - We close all the windows and door in a contaminated room and also close the doorways with polyethylene sheeting. They ensure that all the sheeting is seal with duct tape. The main aim is to avoid exposure to other areas from the contaminated area.
  • Suppressing dust - FDP Mold Remediation of Glen Burnie achieves this by misting all the affected area.
  • Removing all the affected material - We'll remove all mold and wet damaged, porous belongings.
  • Cleaning - We clean all non-porous material and wood surfaces thoroughly and wipe all the regions with disposable wipes. They scrap the wet surfaces and moldy areas with a brush and use a mold killer, damp cloth and detergent solution to clean and rinse the surfaces. For stubborn surfaces, we use a vacuum. The mildew remover is a powerful detergent that kills the mold permanently.
  • Visibility test - The entire place should be free of contamination and debris. FDP Mold Remediation of Glen Burnie ensures that there is no mold dirt and dust.
  • Dry - The mold remediation company ensures all the material is dry to allow all moisture to evaporate. To speed up the process they use fans, dehumidifier or increase the indoor air circulation.
  • Final inspection - We verify with the customer that work has been completed as agreed upon. In some cases, clearance testing is performed to check the improved levels of mold in the air.

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